Savvatievo fur farm's products added with this model of Giraffe made for VTB Bank as a corporate present.

Russia is one of the largest market for fur goods. And great part of fur garment delivered by Hongkong fur factories and fashion houses. Prospectives for cooperation between fur associations and fur companies were themes for discussion during their meeting in Moscow.

Our company produces not only best fur in Russia but exclusive gifts: handmade toys, pillows, fur gloves (varrzhky) etc.

For our companies friend birthday we prepared this present - "budennovka", by the military fashion of 1920th, made of black mink with scarlet star ornament.

Its the first time in hole history of Russian Fur Farming skin has been accepted as a part of CFA's TOP LOT in September auction.

It goes well our company presentation in Shapeau&Mosfur 2017.

Tomorrow Shapeau&Mosfur Exhibition  2017 starts.

In july 2017 Savvatievo fur farm declared its intention to join in Russian fur union as a member. Hope to improve the development of russian fur farming industry with our knowledge and experience.

There are regularly visits of our specialists to other farms and specialists of other fur farms to our company.
Now we meet dear guests from Saltykovsky fur farm.

Savvatievo fur farm delegation visited  Asia branch of IFF (International Fur Federation) summit.

The aspects of fur animals feeding process with chiken slotary houses products are the subject of managers from Savvatievo fur farm trip to Nordan Sp. z.o.o. (Poland) and discussion with Igor Shamilov.

According to the project started by State Duma deputy Svetlana Maksimova students of the Academy could visited farms and agriculture companies to understand not only by books and class study the nuances of  their future work, take a glance at the successful companies working in the region.

Again Savvatievo fur farm delegation in Herning - fur production technologies and fur exhibition organized by CFA.

On the 21st of March guests from Bagrationosky mink farm (Kaliningrad region) visited our company with CEO and owner Vladimir Ryabichka.

Yesterday the results of national fur farmers' competition was announced.