Every woman aspires to make her appearance is not only beautiful, but also unique, perfect and thoughtful to the smallest details. For make your look stylish and modern  you can buy original mink and fox fur accessories.

Indispensable attribute of a fur coat or fur short-coat become fur mittens. Here you can find the suitable color and length fur product and in the winter you will not be afraid of any frost, in bad weather you will always be warm and comfortable.

A very unusual and stylish accessory will be original keychain from mink tails. At first glance, this is a minor detail, but this detail is very good and elegant addition to your look. Beautiful and useful acquisition will be stylish case for cell phone made of natural fur. This accessory not only emphasizes your unique style, but also protects your phone from the cold, as well as from possible mechanical damage to the phone’s case.

If you want to make happy your children with unusual and beautiful gift, you can buy our soft toys made of fur. Lovely and charming animals certainly become the pets of your child.