Breeding mink cubs

Mink is one of the most popular fur animals and the most popular fur in the world market. Annually in the world sells more than 80 million mink skins.

The technology of cellular-growing mink breeding has over 100 years history and worked out to the smallest details. Production of mink is a highly-manufacturable process of breeding cubs, feed production and primary processing of skins. And taken into account the high prices on the world market, the breeding of these animals is a very prospective and profitable business. Many entrepreneurs in our country today are thinking about creation of the breeding mink farming. However, if you really decided to take this step, you will first need to start with a study of breeding technology and the purchase of mink cubs.

Fur farm "Savvatevo" specializes in breeding and selling of breeding mink of Scandinavian selection. Today, we grow 16  mink colors types: black, mahogany, brawn, glow, pastel,  palomino, pearl, sapphire, silver blue, white, black cross, sapphire cross, silver blue cross, palomino cross, pearl cross and stardust.

We are ready to cooperate with customers from any region of Russia. From October to December we can offer mink cubs for your farms, and in April - pregnant females. We can train your  specialists in technology of growing, feeding, breeding and the primary processing with the use of Russian and Scandinavian drying skins. Cooperation with us will be your first successful step in your big business.